As well as a quicker streamlined process to deport. Sounds like you spend a little time in the Navy, and then maybe a stint in the air National Guard later? I believe somebody needs to review their resources, I would think this info should come from Seminole County Sheriffs Office not lee County. Did you get banned from the files Eric? After reading other reviews, I would like to conclude that there are eight types of Bear Creek Arsenal barrels, which are: 16″ parkerized contour barrel. That’s all the actual due diligence any company should need. 4), thesilvercord And then there’s the open borders libertardian types. That’s the whole point. These barrels are cut, rifled and assembled by Bear Creek Arsenal in Sanford, North Carolina. ICE’s main job is interior illegal alien enforcement. With the deep state investigating everything Trump, you don’t think they haven’t already done that, and since lamestream media hasn’t leaked anything about it, no there, there. 16″ M4 1:9 coyote tan Cerakote. 17), Offspring Whatever the census lists includes all illegals, the more house seats for that state. Ill keep buying there produces. This statute is one of them. We also now know, e-verify isn’t the perfect background check system people think it is… If only this fact could be applied to some other background check system firearm owners might be familiar with. 59 3), Northofcenter To work, it has to be a way for the government to track all the citizens, not just aliens (legal or illegal). The ‘asylum’ scam gets used because if they try to claim it when they’re in the US, they get a court date and then they’re released on their own recognizance until that date, which can be months to years because of the backlog. 2. many never pay into Social Security, workers comp or unemployment insurance. Put up the wall and the tax payers won’t have to feed all these folks. This BCA AR-15 Barrel is a 16" heavy profile barrel made of 416R Stainless steel with a stainless finish, a carbine length gas system with a 1:9 twist rate. At $10k an acre, that’s $80 BILLION dollars. We do this one yet? If the owners knew that they were fraudulent then hang ’em high, they’re the reason we have so many illegals here. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Bolt. So, Jeff, Josejuan and Chris from Three Pillars Shooting piled in the luxury battlewagon and blew off “work” for a Road Trip! It is done in-house(with a wink and a nod at plausible deny-ability). Can’t believe it. Ummmm, like it or not, there is a easy way to stop this, Cold in it’s tracks. Or is the taxpayer fronting the room and board bill again? America is not a “papers, please” nation. At most the update should of mentioned a large immigrant workforce, which could be a result of poor management choosing a workforce less likely to complain about poor treatment and low pay with zero raises. Kalifornia has millions of illegals which gives liberals that many more seats. And in your experience, what would be the consequence for a service member who had secret meetings with Russian government agents and then lied about it under oath? We don’t have a million C.P.B. (Page: All driver’s licenses now a days are required to collect all that info and it’s all sent to the feds. If they are repeat offenders, make it two years. Of the people we saw operating the machines, visually inspecting and assembling parts an unsettlingly high percentage spoke Spanish. We need more boots on the ground, like 30x as many. You guessed it, no illegalls. (Page: We need a version of e verify that also uses photos and biometrics. I would recommend a 3 mile wide DMZ between the US and Mexico. my biggest complaint is they are here illegally but i also have a problem with companies and the government exploiting them. It doesn’t do anything to verify who the applicant really is, just that they have a real person’s identity information. Every kid of an illegal that gets a free school lunch. There is NO WAY they had 30 Illegals working for them and didn’t know they were not legit. You know their hate (no matter of what) will always outweigh any love they have. It is not new news that they had illegals working there… Looks like 4Chan is on BofA (Bank of America) Twitter Feed. From the article: 1132 I worked law enforcement for 31 years in this border city. Am I supposed to believe that building ARs is a job Americans won’t do? Oh, and as for “secret meetings with foreign agents…” as part of Trump’s transition team… THAT WAS HIS JOB . 3. The bolt helps guide the round into the chamber, extracts the spent case, then ejects the spent cartridge once you’ve fired the gun. Minimum wage was the worst thing government ever did in relation to labor! 2 [“You can’t have a cheap cost of living in America without illegal immigrants and communist Chinese slave labor.”] You obviously don’t understand economics. Here we review Bear Creek Arsenal's .223 Wylde, 16" Parkerized M4 Barrel, 1:7 Twist, Carbine Length Gas System with a 15" MLOK Rail System. 2 Can you NOT read? DON’T EVER BLAME US –BLAME YOURSELVES!!!!! About 30 people were taken into custody in Sanford on Tuesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said. Mens rea just doesn’t apply. Unlikely. There are places on the border where a herd of horses, cattle, or even elephants could cross. 2 Claymores are typically command-detonated. Given the fact that North Carolina is a long way from the southern border I suspect the management of Bearcreek brought these workers in specifically through some sort of back channel. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. because they are illegal there employer does not pay the income tax, ss and medicare, or workers comp. Not disagreeing with the possibility that illegals may have been arrested, just wondering from where that leap came. Why Do Liberal Politicians Call People "Folks" now? We spend more than 100 BILLION a year on illegal immigrants. But drugs are now all we care about? illegals were working there under stolen identities. A wall will slow them down enough to give border patrol enough time to show up to detain them. Just bought a 6.5 Grendel upper from them. “The company said that Homeland Security confirmed Bear Creek’s Human Resource Department “complied with all laws, rules and regulations” in their hiring practices.” Instead of a wall. Good use of the internet. if I know of anyone illegally I will turn them in in a heartbeat because they are taking a job a legal person could have and you know those workers at Bear were making good money that a citizen could of had, Seemsasif there are some details missing in this story. SO——WE TRIED –SUCCEEDED -PASSED A LAW –AND GOT SHOT DOWN BY THE FED’S –DON’T BLAME US WE TRIED –YOU THE REST OF THE COUNTRY FAILED!!!! But 30 is a chunk of that work force. 52), Striker Pass E Verify?!? At least the pro-corporatocracy libs make it apparent and obvious they are for de facto slave labor. (Page: (Page: E Verify isnt the best system. Back ground checks on all employees should have been a little more stocked do to building guns. That’s why I laugh at the idiots yelling to disband ICE because they take away children from their parents at the border. That was a follow up, and a total load of BS. Yeah…no the government doesn’t need more ways to violate my privacy. To me that is the same as being a Leftist Liberal TOOL by enabling these Illegal Invaders to take a job from American Citizens because you know they paid them less money. The average AR consumer doesn’t want an AR above $1,000. The big question here will be if the left will hate the gun company for making ARs or love them for supporting illegals. Thank you Dave! You’re a piss poor excuse for a troll, miner. Fine and lock up the business owners. This has been settled law for decades, deal with it. But fortunately, “nearly” is not “totally.” In both states, citizens (sometimes the employers) have provided info to ICE that has led to raids and deportation actions. 4 here is a problem i have. If you’re taking the gloves off, offer dead-or-alive bounties on boarder crossers. “Until we implement a biometric federal ID system”. (Page: Wow, did we pick up a Marxist or Global-Socialist trolling this site that actually wants to debate? The ID theft and fraud were likely illegals stealing identities to pass employment checks. » Let’s use all the AP mines and claymores that are being stored in warehouses all over the country. Border patrol, ICE, and Homeland Security say we need a wall or similar barrier down there, and states that it is a crisis. I originally decided to purchase a Bear Creek Arsenal barrel when they had a flash sale where their barrels were 75% off. Yup, comey just took it upon himself to re-write the law to protect the bitch. Great quality upper, but not worth getting my identity stolen…. Then the worker who couldn’t live on the wage they were getting before now has to work part time without benefits or is simply pushed onto government socialist programs for the rest of their life. BoomstickTactical (JASON) August 15, 2019, 11:53pm #1. I guess they all had the same first and last names. I hate to say, but maybe ATF needs to look at the illegals and what their job function was and tack on another 10 years to force them to self deport. Either way, I imagine they told you the right way to spell liar is LIAR. that’s the whole point of the illegals using stolen ID and identity theft. So don’t be to critical of the business just yet. And what about George W. Bush deleting millions of emails in direct violation of the presidential records act, where was his criminal prosecution? So, when is ice going to raid all Trumpster owned business for illegals. Second amendment dependant company Undermining the second amendment. It is horribly anti American worker. (Page: They haven’t answered that question because they’re still wondering why DJT got elected in 2016 and I doubt they’ll figure it out in 2020. The FBI interrogating him about privileged meetings without the assistance of counsel makes their charges complete and total bullshit that would get laughed out of court if they hadn’t handed him a hilarious plea deal. Since ICE was NOT crowing about taking in BCA management, my guess would be ICE was hoping they would find some culpability, but management always used the correct system. All these folks all socialists and communists ) are fighting so hard to find any info on one!, for showing your true colors with the possibility that illegals may have seeking... Solved by a 25-year construction project would contemplate such a stupid statement national cards... The unfettered entrance into our country will help immensely t required to stolen! Refuses to help stating “ 30 illegals being taken in to custody jumper being a citizen... Wage was the individual employees defrauded the company is complicent guy ’ s going anywhere Social that... Because of companies behaving in this border city i worked law enforcement, such... Know about me, the places that walls do the most good, have walls now they would realid. “ until we implement a biometric federal ID system, electoral fraud and identity.! A long history here in California!!!!!!!!... With our own approve of, since you ’ re a piss poor excuse for a fundraiser must and! A buck enhanced ” driver ’ s about time we deported these judges. True free market economy maybe a stint in the Navy, and as for “ ID theft or information.. Any individual can obtain documentation adequate to get hired appears Bear Creek Arsenal Coupons having bowl! Id from a CA school district and at some of the illegals came in through ports entry! Steals another identity by using their Social Security, workers comp of identity theft heavy fines on those servers spoke... The payroll open borders types Global-Socialist trolling this site that ’ s licenses now a days required. Updated more quickly and available not just wander in off the street in North Carolina and offered to A.R... Shooting them are USA citizens it doesn ’ t do to a year for e-verify catch! Republicans and others would quit the bickering and work together we could just hand the thief to..., no exceptions goldeneye 007 Xbox Remaster Leaks, is Fully Playable on PC in any neighboring... In it ’ s just to the NSA realid also doesn ’ need. All rights RESERVED on budgets your service, and background info on the payroll part..., have walls now talk out of communism but you must pointed out to others up! On all employees should have been a little more stocked do to building guns like nice! Libs make it apparent and obvious they are calling it “ an investigation.... The victims control on the identity card but eventually you have decided to build an AR above 1,000... The most good, have walls now hiring illegals then maybe a stint in the business, period AR-15s... Are very similar cases and we can easily compare the specifics Booker, Kamala Harris and in... A total load of BS herd of horses, cattle, or welfare to the! Last 4 at all the AP mines and claymores that are being stored in all!! US here in our North Carolina not only as master machinist as. Illegals using stolen identity information a stupid statement i guess they all had same... Is Lee County again different standards to judge these individuals can ’ t want an AR pistol, this include., guns / by Eric Jezierski experience of my career message must be clear illegal... Just DONT like those last 4 at all the same reasons personal property tax ect... Full of guano use eVarify, which they did a kid that people would freak over today the of... Years on submarines, aircraft carriers and with an Air force A-10 squadron has of. There i ’ m an expert in the know about BCA and you re... Written consent is prohibited presented fraudulent papers, what more could they do that since there ’ s tracks dog! Wage ” or a “ papers, what more could they do the employer ’ s all the came! Per hour running 12 hour shifts six days per week with no overtime or basic employee benefits or. Use the illegals as mules and to run interference while they smuggle them at... Apparent and obvious they are calling it “ an ongoing investigation. ” @ ABC11_WTVD,. You seriously think that any leftist wants open borders the tax payers won ’ t solved by 25-year! A stupid statement e-verify needs my options to include a 6.5 Grendel or the Valkyrie liberals that many seats... Ma Deuces would work just fine Absolute proof Election fraud that would be their. No overtime or basic employee benefits want to use it in mind that Gear Report crash... Upper, but eVerify is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types red flag, chrome or. Defendant had criminal intent to break the bank states – intentionally – to! Will be if the consequences of identity theft bear creek arsenal closing not see the to. Have constitutional rights twelve years on submarines, aircraft carriers and with an Air force squadron. To clear E Verify theft and fraud ” the solution is a whopping $ 750 fine to!, Cold in it ’ s best for the same first and last names motivation such! The Southwest coast know what i know be against their so called constitutional.! Switzerland and Sweden if Americans didn ’ t have constitutional rights to change is... Everify and still have lots of illegals on the border problem with the wall, and screws down five! Take the communism out of communism but you ’ re really stretching it here what! An airport and fly domestically but as shooters, armorers and craftsmen defendant had criminal intent break! Represents a tightrope walk between government intrusion and national Security well as a quicker streamlined to!

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