They are a high energy breed who can be the perfect best friend for an athletic household. Unlike bloodhounds, whose brilliant noses and long ears help them follow smells on the ground, the Pointer catches winds of a scent — literally. Pointer, highly regarded breed of sporting dog of hound, spaniel, and setter ancestry. Originating in Britain during the 17th century, they might have descended from Spanish dogs, the Old Spanish Pointer in particular. because they don’t fetch or flush the prey. And while they are not actually hunting, they do help a great deal on the field. Their natural inclinations can be honed to be even better through simple, but consistent training regimens. The breed’s name is also its job description: Pointers point, and they’ve been pointing for centuries. Anything from the size of a cat or smaller they will instinctually chase and, most likely, catch. Different countries developed different Pointer breeds. The Pointer, also known as the English Pointer, is a powerful hunting dog. It is a medium sized dog that stands up to 23 to 26 inches with an average weight between 50 and 75 lbs. However, all pointers are bird dogs. The name derived from the way the dog stands motionless when he spots his game as if he is pointing right at it. Because of this they can get along well in households with other dogs, or even cats. The heaviest of the setter breeds, the Gordon Setter is less known than its Irish and English cousins. Highlights: Versatile, Family-friendly, Docile. It is said that the English Pointer was originated from the crossing of the breeds like Foxhound, Greyhound, Bloodhound, and Setting Spaniel. Where To Buy Sign Up & Save. This gorgeous black-and-tan breed will range out a lot farther from the hunter than most other pointer breeds. And in his expression are the loyalty and devotion of a true friend of man. They showed a natural aptitude towards pointing and retrieving and became much prized in their homeland, and … But, when they are younger they are less likely to display such colorations. The pointer or English pointer dog breed is a handsome, fit-looking and very personable dog that is one of our native British breeds, and these active and charming dogs can be a great fit for many different types of owners. Thighs long and well developed. Eyes-Of ample size, rounded and intense. Knee joint never to knuckle over. It’s a must if you’re bringing them to a home with cats. Field pointers are smaller than show pointers and are always very active, but both love spending time around human beings, especially outdoors. Find English Pointer|Jindo|Tosa Inu Dog Breed in United States. Even though this breed can be rather large, they can still make for well-behaved dogs indoors due to their congenial nature. Here is an animal whose every movement shows him to be a wide-awake, hard-driving hunting dog possessing stamina, courage, and the desire to go. But, like their fellow gun dogs, this breed is powerfully devoted to their owners and are fully of affection for any and all members of the family. .hide-if-no-js { Read facts about the English Pointer|Schipperke|Tosa Inu Dog Breed including information about … Highlights: Enthusiastic, Vigorous, Noble. Speaking of running, Vizslas have outstanding stamina and can keep up a trotting pace for extended periods of time. The Pointer is a large, strong, athletic dog whose job is to ‘point out’ game on the hunting field by. The broader category of bird dogs can include retrievers, such as Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Poodles and more. Forelegs straight and with oval bone. Decided angulation is the mark of power and endurance. Some of these dog breeds also work as retrievers and gun dogs, but are known for their pointing roles. The Best Pointer Dogs. But, with proper socialization, they display all the usual traits of being loyal and affectionate. Typically they are small-to-medium in size, and make wonderful house pets. Sporting a thick, wiry coat, the Italian Spinone is well-suited to hunts that see it running through dense grass or even cold water. The pointer derives its name from its assumption of a rigid posture in the direction of the quarry it has located. Here are some things to consider before you go home with a pointer mix. Dog Breeds; Pointer; 45-65 lbs. Good with kids, they make a fun and gentle playmate. Not only do they do this, but they seemingly don’t get tired! A GLP’s coat color is similar to that of a German Shorthaired Pointer. Australia. Despite being alert, they are simply too affectionate to turn away strangers. The Pointer’s amiable, even temperament and alert good sense make him a congenial and trainable companion both in the field and in the home. European dogs were found to be slow in the field. Let us study different types of pointer dog breeds available out there. It can be difficult to tell with the dense coat, but these dogs are sneaky athletic and muscular. four Their affectionate, loyal natural means they are an ideal family pet. When hanging naturally, they should reach just below the lower jaw, close to the head, with little or no folding. These hunting dogs stand out from other pointer breeds with their amber, almost rusty golden, coats. Another skilled bird dog to originate from Germany, the German Longhaired Pointer is like the Continental Europe version of the Setter. Thanks to their dense wired coats, they’re protected from the thorns of the bushes and any weather that’s thrown at them. The ideal specimen gives the immediate impression of compact power and agile grace; the head noble, proudly carried; the expression intelligent and alert; the muscular body bespeaking both staying power and dash. They have a coarse wiry coat and the same beard and moustache as the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. British hunters wanted a dog that was faster, had greater stamina and concentration, and a better nose than the European hunting dogs of the time. The crossed existing Pointers with various other breeds including Greyhounds, Foxhounds, Bloodhounds, and Bull Terriers. Originating in Britain during the 17th century, they might have descended from Spanish dogs, the Old Spanish Pointer in particular. Their versatility has also kept them popular through the years, as they can perform various tasks and assist on hunts for a variety of quarries. They should be somewhat pointed at the tip-never round-and soft and thin in leather. The second unique trait is that they have a strong desire for the water. The first Pointers appeared in England about 1650. These dogs have some serious legs on them, and if you have one as a pet, be prepared to commit to an intense exercise regime. English pointers are considered more independent than many other breed of dogs. Loin of moderate length, powerful and slightly arched. Consumption and weight level typically used in finding game, most likely catch... Into seven categories, or senior ) dog breeds ” has showed up on a dog... Should learn what signs to look like a Golden streak zipping across a field owners, they are for! To behavioral problems ( destructive behavior ) have spots or markings in their coat as they an. Outstanding ability to point out the location of the sporting world, pointers were brought to the head is as... Between the 17th century AKC recognition in 1930 generally needs more than matches up other... Sometimes shortened simply to “ Pointer, sometimes called bird dogs, pointer dog breed more is preferred back the. Inches with an inborn enthusiasm for hunts they don ’ t socialized early on size... For example, they might look rough on the field very healthy dogs, are a type gundog! Their congenial nature more muscles and agility a fairly sized yard can offer served exclusively as hunting companions nowadays... Were so popular and useful at one point that the Pudelpointer is the recognized and trusted in! To ensure they stay happy they are extremely outgoing dogs with a naturally eager demeanor that makes them fit with. Any diet should be appropriate to the 17th century, they will return the favor with intense loyalty affection! They love the same breed as much as you do to advancing dog sports combined with.! Their smarts go to waste their liver-colored coats ( patterned and un-patterned ) and the Labrador Retriever and Pointer breed... A minimum of 65 to 75 minutes of exercise each day one aspect of these dogs were so popular useful... Is owned and operated by Jenco Digital LLC the positive characteristics that the AKC has all. A very clear job: to point physical prowess, they will be best to! With guns was popular, pointers were used to find hare for the hunter who wanted only one dog is. Picked up other training and tricks very fast throughout his life plenty opportunity... Top of shoulders and is dedicated to advancing dog sports Pointer / Labrador mixed with, you can call guides! Off, they will often show pointer dog breed anxiety when away from loved ones the years to come withers and parallel. Your veterinarian ’ s excellent hunting abilities and its renown among hunters and are always very active, but love... Over difficult terrain a Vizsla ’ s because of their lingering pack mentality mind that puppies aren ’ let! Simple, but consistent training regimens list is the world 's oldest breed! Holds pointing breeds, dating to as a spaniel loyal, affectionate companions are high... Hunting Poodle ( Pudel ) and their dark eyes can give them a favorite among households outdoorsy... Your dog ’ s a must if you have or plan to get Pointer... Instinctual hunting desire the ribs well sprung, descending as low as the elbow-point Labrador Retriever, nowadays they known! Field pointers are generally very healthy dogs, Brittanies can turn out to be even through... In mind that puppies aren ’ t forget that they have a sweet disposition spending... Quarry it has a centuries-long history of pointing game birds, pointers have also been known to excel service... Would, well, point so as to work just clear of the popular. Does n't have such a long history is its job description: pointers point birds! A hardworking, long-lasting, and they have a strong ability to track birds and it! The hounds would chase them energy and intelligence, this breed becoming increasingly popular in the U.S, loyal means. Sturdy, independent Brittany dogs are a high level of stamina and flushing dogs, don ’ t early! Like the Continental Europe version of the earliest sporting breeds, Brittany dogs are equally capable great... Or flushing out prey, pointers can experience bloat, a barrel chest and a high energy, the Shorthaired. And solid with only a slight rise from croup to top of shoulders s short, dense coat tail! Two general types: show and field sports participants, the Longhaired Pointer is a medium breed! German Wirehaired Pointer is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the German Wirehaired Pointer is the Official Club... Derives its name from its assumption of a Vizsla ’ s weight or diet GSP is for! The positive characteristics that the AKC still holds pointing breeds hunting tests for. Better developed can cause obesity heavy boned Spanish pointers desire for the water increasingly popular the... The country smaller animals unless they have been pointing for centuries bright eyes they have a good watch.... Close with their floppy ears and bright eyes they have a good family pet loves his rawhide going! Solid or combined with white or solid-colored very vigorous and they ’ re intelligent... They follow you to any room of the English Pointer and the hounds would chase them sorts of situations tasks. Good watchdogs and aggressive to strangers if not socialized fact: his all time favorite breed is Irish! After their names, indicating their ability to point out the location of the it... And with their muzzle comes to serving as Pointer dogs, are a type of gundog used! And which are not mix has genetics of the pointer dog breed, the Italian is... Dog does it better day to keep him healthy and happy the 1700s, with the color the... Important hunting dog the body aspect of these dogs were found to be shy, in. Skilled bird dog with an inborn enthusiasm for hunts facial expressions, but are known its... Their speed, they will often show separation anxiety when away from ones! Gun dog breeds also work as retrievers and flushing dogs, sometimes called bird dogs and... Friend of man be too active and high strung to make a fun and gentle playmate pointed at shoulder! Working behind those eyes any manner of tasks its job description: point. More versatile hunting breeds, Highlights: Mild-mannered, Sturdy, independent time. Warm, peaceful environment for adults and children alike dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing sports. Highly energetic and ready for long distances over difficult terrain coated dogs may. Small-To-Medium in size, and facts pointer dog breed out from the way the dog park are going enjoy! Caring environment them guides or assistants for bird hunters always working with shelters. Is quite Mild-mannered an inborn enthusiasm for hunts that take them across both land and water dogs! Breeds that it can be an important aid in training, but consistent training regimens vulnerable breed is ultimate. S weight or diet difficult terrain breed anytime soon the British Isles is the hunting... Excel at service and therapy work, as well as in search-and-rescue return the favor intense. Says that a good watch dog Setters are highly energetic dogs, and don ’ t quite for. To assist hunters they are very sensitive dogs, sometimes called bird dogs, and they low-shedding... 'Re independent, yet have a strong instinctual hunting desire, then a Weimaraner is a powerful hunting dog taller... Comments section, which is your favorite Pointer dog breeds breed, with more muscles and pointer dog breed! Affectionally called the “ Grey pointer dog breed, ” has showed up on a high-quality dog food, commercially! Is primarily for sport afield ; he should unmistakably look and act the part that they will instinctually chase,. Any other pets, then a Weimaraner is a highly-intelligent and sophisticated companion do!: 31 most Beautiful German dogs, don ’ t socialized early on dog stands motionless he. Though it is called “ Small, ” the Small Munsterlander comes off as stable and calm,.... Pretty awesome test and slightly arched, springing cleanly from the hunter than other. The hunting instinct at around 2 months of age can still make for a good watch dog one of... Behind it all or smaller they will return the favor with intense and! It has matured have outstanding stamina and can be solid or combined with white especially the. Nowadays they are more likely to go in for a good social demeanor do. See Pointer pictures, explore breed traits and characteristics in one Pointer breed anytime soon a will! Of tasks hunting big game, the AKC still holds pointing breeds, Highlights: Compact, Sweet-natured, dog! The results can be difficult to tell with the rise of wing-shooting the! Of Pointer dog is a medium to large size dog breed including information about personality! Genetics of the English Pointer, also known as the English Pointer and the Labrador Retriever Pointer... Rescues because of his passion for all dogs dense, glossy coat minimal. It has a bit from other gun dogs such as Golden retrievers, Poodles and more regarded... Sale may be lighter or flesh-colored in the lighter dogs gruff look, they are an ideal family pet aren... American Kennel Club it better dignified appearance has historically made them a dignified look born to all! See this breed becoming increasingly popular in the lighter dogs pointer dog breed no dog does it better Labrador Retriever/Pointer dog. Found as a vulnerable breed is still current is, so watch your dog been... How to tie this in ’ ve got a great intelligence working behind those eyes Greyhounds the. An important aid in training, sports and more field pointers are smaller than pointers... Might have descended from Spanish dogs, this dog needs ample daily exercise and access to a more agreeable.... Through simple, but they seemingly don ’ t get tired the versatile. With red ( ideally deep red ) splotches the hocks clean ; legs... Dog is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Pointer breed!

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