Staging the economy reopening in areas of low risk, while maintaining the principle of social distancing in addition to scrupulous hand hygiene, AND while continuing a full stop in targeted areas good for all of us. Required fields are marked *. You can’t be serious… How completely retarded is that? Look, I agree with you. “I just don’t follow the logic of “open the economy as the cure is worse than the disease”. try{ddcolorpicker.init({ colorcontainer: ['F10334_sb_ddcolorpicker', 'F10334_sb_colorpicker'], displaymode: 'float', floatattributes: ['Color Picker', 'width=390px,height=250px,resize=1,scrolling=1,center=1'], fields: [] @Lucky, You got rid of Debit, isn’t it time to dump @Voldoo? But that’s unlikely unless we stop spreading the virus. See CardRating’s Best Cards of 2021 list now! Getting full service on flights while people shouldn’t be flying? Lastly, if I could give @Rob a standing ovation for this I would: I see nothing available in my area. The people who are in the 50-year-old age range are entering the twilight of their working careers are the ones who are going to get hit most by the quarantines, not people like me. Of course You may say what you feel about this reduction in service in airlines. Thanks. So do I……but I also have sympathy for the other 99% of the population who will NOT die from this and who are being asked to give up their freedoms and livlihoods for the benefit of a select few. Someone also has to clean the room (3 rooms x 1 housekeeping staff) F10334_sb_requiredFields.push('F10334_sb_email'); Oblivious to the advice/instruction, “Wash your hands for 20 seconds or sanitise it with gel.” Simple, really. You can access for free in the air and log in to your SM account but the My Wallet section is not accessible. As an EP on AA I expect service, regardless of the cabin.”. charging 2-3k to people to fly maybe 500 miles regional flights. Avengers Campus to (Hopefully) Open This Year, Not every Delta flight (during non-pandemic times) serves alcoholic beveragesÂ, Review: Norwegian Getaway ADA Aft Balcony Cabin 9922 NCL – February 2020. The actual infection rate is substantially higher. They’re the ones at fault. And I’m supposed to take care of your family members without protection? First thank you! Stop being such an ignorant Trumper, learn to read, comprehend, then out keyboard in use. All of these behaviors can be modified to reduce risk to yourself. It seems to me you should be more critical of the airlines for continuing to fly so many routes. Will our society truly be the same? Yes, the Best Strawberry Ever Was From the Delta Protein Box! For now, cut away! Ok so is customer service. I know that purchasing partially with gift cards recodes the charge in the system and thus works, but does this apply to Ecredits as well? ... From 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. passengers can purchase additional items from the Delta Flight Fuel menu which you can view right ... For the latest inflight menu options for 2020 check here. The typical American ideology on germs is ” protect me from everyone else” @Lucky perhaps a good idea to post a link to the science behind transmission of the disease and the measures being implemented at various levels; the effects of these measures including the “flattening the curve” article as well. Flight attendants are right to be anxious, and they shouldn’t be expected to make themselves more exposed than they already are. We’re seeing airlines make drastic cuts to inflight service. Good call! I never said things should or would return to normal, or that 5% of that population should be “sacrificed”. The best way to have minimized the economic impact of this while maintaining our healthcare infrastructure would have been to ramp up national testing back in January to definitively identify the truly infected for quarantine (similar to what South Korea, Hong Kong, and to an extent Germany) – regrettably, and for largely political reasons, that did not happen and we remain woefully behind. Well, Lucky, it looks like you need to get on your soap-box a few more times. I’m with Lucky, settle down, the last thing you should be doing is complaining. Mins later a coworker notices them touching their face and encourages a glove change. I am dumb founded. The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. (This would be a great option for Comfort+ passengers — who receive complimentary adult beverages anyway. What is “now or never,” exactly? 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These cards give cardholders free admission to Delta Sky Clubs on days you fly Delta Air Lines marketed or operated flights! American Express Gold Card: One of our favorite cards! I am afraid nothing will ever go back to normal. “FA handing them out upon boarding” (One point of transmission; one pair of gloves) So I suggest the following: 1. The things with a pandemic is no matter how much you pay for a service whether it’s to see the best doctor or to have a first class seat, you are just as equally likely to to contract the virus as any other human being. Hopefully science will win versus opinion. Do you really believe we can afford to have people sitting at home not working, while being able to generate the economic activity necessary to treat the millions around the world who need our help? Boeing has ordered inspections of its entire fleet of grounded 737 Max planes after it found debris in the fuel tanks of some of the aircraft, in the latest setback for the US plane-maker. I have 2 sons of around 30 years old. @Ray, dude, you need to chill out a bit. The gov wants to do everything EXCEPT halt all air travel. Lastly it seems that first class pax are not nearly as spread apart as main cabin at this time. Did find toilet paper today (without even looking for it)! They continue to circulate the virus. How does it make sense to tell the people who make a living (the young and healthy) to stay at home so that we can protect the people who are less likely to have a positive economic impact on society (the old and sick)? Plus quarterly 5% cashback bonus categories! service should be minimal. Terms apply. As others have pointed out, it will be interesting to see how long after the crisis is over it takes for these services to return. @Kathleen, how true. Excellent food, amenities. Right. There’s no end date for this new policy, though service is expected to be brought back once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. Go someplace else if you want a safe haven to rant about ‘Alt-Rights’ (@UA-NYC). Anything else is an extra perk and in times like these those perks are out the window. If you shut down all other voices that doesn’t mean only yours is correct. We have some precedant on this; early in the 20th century this country suffered both the Spanish Flu (which killed 60 million world-wide, mostly working-age men) as well as the Great Depression. I wish the disgusting American (and it is almost invariably stupid white Americans) edgelord douchebros who whinge about cancel culture and censorship would grasp the concept that free speech doesn’t mean everyone is obligated to agree with them or pander to their entitlement and misplaced sense of martyrdom. @Voldoo — I’ll repeat Ben’s point about being over 50 and looking for a job. Interesting how those same people that are willing to throw the elderly are hell bent on “protecting” the fetus. For example, the comment about eating a snack box with your fingers. Bill, I have now been on several flights, with 10 in the past month, and even as of last night from Charlotte to Minneapolis, beer and wine were provided free to Comfort+ passengers. Here’s a menu from about a year ago. Well in the UK government pays 80% of the furlonged staff wages, to ensure social distancing. As such flying will be back to 1962. Lucky, today you stand by airlines to suspend service under the name of covid 19. According to, (, the majority of 50+ workers in careers are involuntary removed from their job. I guess my ignorance is someone else’s gain, and I’ll keep it that way. Do it again, this time a little louder !! (If we’re in Main Cabin. ), Late last December, I had about a half-dozen HOOUs expiring at the end of the year. Read More. (SkyBonus members can also cash in points and receive 10 HOOUs. I also received them from a Red Coat after volunteering for a #bumpertunity that made his night easier. No, cause I do not know you. Delta Medallion elite status holders receive four complimentary “Have One on Us” (or HOOUs, as we call them) certificates each year. Better safe than sorry, @Lucky – on Voldoo’s comment – I think that when he/she is over 50 and looking for a job, they’ll claim that it’s for the good of the humanity to harvest new borns for blood so that people over 50 can have food and liquids to drink…, To a lot of people, everything is just me me me…, @ SFO Flyer — That’s an excellent question. Aligning with the airline’s focus on providing transparency and options for customers, all snack boxes will feature full ingredient and allergen labeling. Guess where I will be? Not all Medallions (or other HOOU coupon holders) drink alcohol, Medallions can get upgraded to Comfort+ or first class — where drinks are free. Like, repatriation or supply of essential goods or relocating to where one’s essential services are needed. Great idea about the snack box. The goal is not necessarily to decrease the number of infections nor to decrease the absolute number of deaths, but to spread those out to the point where our health system doesn’t get overwhelmed. But only for the few rich. You get the idea. Perhaps it’s both? And you’re probably not going to be one of those people. Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Both only show water available not adult beverages of any kind. (embassy said they would military medevac me if they had to, but said they don’t see it going that far…). What about letting people redeem the certs for a complimentary premium beverage in Sky Clubs? Your unnecessary travel demands are a WASTE OF RESOURCES and space. Just read that AA is now blocking up to 50% of center seats and adjusting seating while on boards to keep distance. This safety measurements shouldn’t affect majority of passengers during the ourbreak, since most people are not fkying. I know based on other comments you think things should just return back to normal and you think 5% of the population should be sacrificed for the economy (as if things would go back to normal if we just stopped social distancing now). But I completely agree with you on this front and applaud your attempt to reset people’s priorities in this time of crisis. Some Delta Sky Clubs have self-service alcohol with several complimentary house/well offerings. Oh wait, you didn’t disagree, just posted that “A call to open the economy means drop the self isolation, return to work” (a skewed interpretation of my prior post), showered insults and then wanted to shut down further discussion. Look, I’ll be the first to hold airlines accountable when they’re being crappy. @voldoo U.S. flight attendants are some of the laziest workers I have ever seen and frankly a little shake-up in that profession wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for consumers. But it’d be great to see a little more oomph added to the HOOUs. Adam why are you certain it was the flight? var F10334_sb_requiredFields=new Array();var F10334_sb_validateFields=new Array(); If you are eating take-out from the container with your hands or using the utensils provided that someone else has touched. @ NoServiceAA — Huh? As I said above, if this leads to long term service cuts, let’s cross that bridge when we get there. If only they’d allow use for travel from a different airport and meet your companion at a common location. But as I’m sure you well know, I’m addressing your clear age (and weight) discrimination from your original post. Three forms of payment are accepted at THE BAR in Delta Sky Clubs: Here’s another area where Delta could further impress its Medallions (and/or other HOOU coupon holders). This is a cost-cutting maneuver. In economy there will be no service on flights under 350 miles, In economy there will be a bottle of water and packaged snack on flights of over 350 miles; there will be no Comfort+ snack basket, In first class there will be a bottle of water and packaged snack inflight, and no pre-departure drink or other drink service, In economy there will be a bottle of water and packaged snack; there will be no Comfort+ snack basket, In first class there will be a bottle of water and Flight Fuel Box, and no pre-departure drink or other drink service, No, flight attendants who are “too chicken to provide normal service” shouldn’t take unpaid leave, No, airlines shouldn’t be “reducing the cost of tickets” because of this, No, airlines aren’t being “punitive to passengers,” and this isn’t because flight attendants “typically suck on passengers’ leftover ice cubes or nibble on their last pretzels”, Nobody should be flying right now unless it’s absolutely essential, Airlines are losing literally billions of dollars right now, and they’re even losing money on most of the flights they’re operating. This is completely off-topic (sorry), but can anybody tell me whether a Delta ticket purchased partially with Ecredits will trigger the Amex airline credit? If you want these people to remain in the workforce (as I do), then shutting down all ‘non-essential’ commerce is probably not the best way to go about it. Dear God, we really and truly are a lost country. Furthermore, American is serving alcohol and other drinks in first class, while Delta isn’t. But there was no strong criticism of that position, as there is of readers who disagree with you on this topic (I, personally, agree with you here). When picking up the can, the FA can wear gloves. Customers traveling in Main Cabin or Delta Comfort+ will be able to enjoy a selection of snacks. During my family’s final flights, I gave them to a couple of flight attendants and asked if they’d like to play Santa Claus to some passengers who order drinks. (It’s hard to go from Woodford to Old Forester or Jack Daniel’s…). I don’t have time for your arrogance and ignorance. Airlines are blocking middle seats to give separation between customers while also continue to serve money losing routes. This is 100% about cost cutting, under the guise of “safety”. “I would ask everyone to think about just what emotions or reactions you’d like your comment to create. Even on short Delta flights with no service in economy on a CRJ-200 they have to give you water if you ask for it. When I get in my seat I wipe everything down (seatbelt, seat, head cushion if there is one, tv screen, tray table, arm rests, cocktail tray, back of seat in front of me) then I use hand sanitizer and put some Neosporin in my nostrils – things I have done long before Covid 19. People seem to think that wearing gloves is some sort of magic. The airlines don’t deserve a bailout unless they use the funds to provide healthcare and continued payroll for their employees, as they are on the front lines, face tremendous risk, and apart from pilots, really aren’t paid well anyway. The long-haul flights are particularly terrible. The farmer-owned, award-winning co-op from Oregon will showcase three of its cheeses — Smoked Medium Cheddar, Pepper Jack and Sharp White Cheddar — in a new co-branded Cheese & Fruit box … But I applaud the flight attendants for doing their jobs, and the airlines for doing what they can to keep in the air. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. @David – The risk is not only to the FAs. Would it really worsen their chances of not contracting the virus by providing a single inflight drink service in First Class, for instance with protective gloves? For now, they need to cut costs to stay around. Abandoning that belief to save the Dow is to abandon what makes America exceptional. Should I call you a stupid, brain-dead liberal snowflake?!!! The only folks who should travel are those that are those first responders and others directly connected to combating COVID-19 who physically cannot accomplish this goal remotely. I’m with you on the expanded use of HOOU coupons. NEW CARD!! You think you are any safer going to the grocery store to pick up your essential groceries, or pumping your gas, or receiving packages/mail? Los Angeles airport incident: Delta plane dumps fuel on school playground. The job offers just don’t exist like they did for a 35 year old. You’ve posted that you can’t understand why they are doing this, other than to have a better point in negotiating for bailouts. Virtually all restaurants (including Macdonalds) are shut in the UK. Now, when this is all said and done, most service on all airlines will be bare basic and take a while to get back to what it was…maybe a few years. I never thought I would say this, but I agree with the post. I flew Qatar from London to Kuala Lumpur on the 11th and wouldn’t you believe it? @Tired Healthcare Everyone at my company (including Executives) are working from home and NOT traveling. U want that furlough check I am paying? Airlines are cutting inflight service, and that’s the right thing to do. Delta is partnering with Tillamook to bring the taste of the Pacific Northwest to customers at 30,000 feet. Chase Sapphire Preferred: A great card for people new to points and miles. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. What do you think? Please tell us your thoughts in the below Comments section. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. It is going the way of General Aviation. HOOU certs for drinks are not useful since I’m sitting in Comfort+ or further front. Ok, we allow those that think they are invincible to go to work. I said people your age (35) would have an easier time, once the economy is back on track. One infected flight attendant potentially interacting with say 20 passengers per flight × 4days of flying × 2-3 flights a day (average, some have more, some have less) He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. Full service could be done with gloves and masks with virtually zero risk, so this IS cost-cutting. infected individual has not traveled, has no known contacts with infected individuals etc. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sad. I shake my head too, but because for sure the service will NEVER come back. (3 hotel visits x 1checkin agent) Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! Your email address will not be published. Everything else is generally understandable (even if I’d push back on the meal point on flights over about six hours with an eye towards how many airport vendors are actually open in the terminal(s) in question…effectively no meal plus a tight, often once-daily flight at this point can be a bit of a problem), but that particular element has me furrowing a brow. I usually don’t eat anything even when flying business class international. So the cuts in service are not actually entirely warranted. Long are the days when we looked forward to and enjoyed travel. Cost-cutting move? Complain, complain, complain! You might not get the service you think you should, but if you get there safe that’s all you can ask for. To the latter – I assure you, from personal experience seeing my own young colleagues wind up admitted and on a vent, you are not. In economy there will at least be a proactive bottled water service on Delta, which isn’t the case on American on flights under 2,200 miles. Perhaps when the obituary on Covid-19 is written, it will address the role and responsibility of travel in this Global crisis. If u pay more than $13,000 a year in federal taxes in the USA per Capita, u are a net donor. There’s no end date for this new policy, though service is expected to be brought back once the COVID-19 situation stabilizes. Well, if I do here are a couple of suggested solutions. Here we go again – certain people who don’t “want” to allow others to have a differing opinion! Here’s a menu from about a year ago. Are we instantly hiring back everybody laid off, etc…. They continue to circulate the virus. I am appalled by those such as @voldoo who seem to 1) argue that the oldest amongst us are expendible to save the economy (ignoring the irony that many of the same folks were likely in an absolute fever-dream tizzy about ‘death panels’ 10 years ago) and 2) who (naively) think they are invincible because of their age. The pandemic itself will last 2-3 months and the recovery is going to take longer. I think the truth lies somewhere in between, i.e., airlines are using the outbreak as an excuse to reduce costs when flights are so empty that it barely costs them anything to serve drinks since they still have to comply with minimum cabin crew requirements based on the number of seats on the aircraft whether they are filled or not. The flight operated from New York to Los Angeles. The rest of the money should be applied to maintaining the fleets in good order. My only objection on Delta’s food service is the decision to go water-only (rather than water-or-soda-in-a-can/bottle) in First. As well-intentioned as HOOUs are, there are several reasons they may difficult for some people to redeem. For First, upgrade the contents. Andrea tests every wine in-flight to make sure they taste just as good onboard at 30,000 feet in the air as they do on the ground. And, in general, people who aren’t served meals during longer flights would probably enjoy a Flight Fuel snack. Plenty of transmission in London. Delta Air Lines follows a fairly standard baggage policy in terms of free carry-on bags, charging pretty average fees for U.S. domestic and Canada/Mexico flights, and including one to two bags in the base fare for international flights (dependent on cabin class).. Additional pieces after 1-2 bags, as well as overweight/oversized bags carry a pretty hefty fee, so try to stick to your regulations! How about you look at it as “protect everyone else from me”? I still have passengers shout in my face. I for one appreciate constructive dialogue, even a little ribbing back and forth, even if I don’t agree with every one (nor do I expect everyone to agree with me). }); But this isn’t one of those cases. What’s your point, actually? SARS? Creative solutions are a weakness of US carriers. @Voldoo – My friends and family are not expendable! Essential travel means essential travel. But it’s because the airline is trying to stay in business after a global economic meltdown. If it is only supposed to be essential flying now, why am I receiving sale fare e-mails stating that I can fly for only 39 dollars? I would add that I disagree with cancel culture, so I do believe that he and the other “alt-rights” on here now should be able to express their opinions. My Medallion friends who don’t drink usually roll their eyes at HOOUs. You choose to be on the aircraft. Kindness matters. I decided not worth it. We didn’t during coronavirus concerns, why do we need it now? Help us fund therapy sessions for black women and girls, What You Need to Know About Airline Partnerships & Alliances, The Latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates & Policies, The news, resources, & information you need. Bottom line If you’re not happy just getting from point A to B right now then you shouldn’t be flying. Are you “pro-life” or not? We don’t put a price tag on the lives of Americans. Too often in our polarized environment everything becomes a reason to fight some sort of strange zero-sum game. After all that, I would really like an alcoholic beverage. Blaming the public is poor form. Go through the bankruptcy courts like anyone else. Again similar. If you can’t handle it 2 weeks in, you’re going to go bonkers pretty fast. I’m not traveling for awhile anyway, but if I get the virus and recover, I wonder if I will be allowed to travel freely? Sorry to hear you got sick and are stuck in KL. Bloggers whine about free stuff! Too many ugly thoughts not just here but in almost every site with comments. Flight from DTW to home had maybe 20 pax on a CRJ-900. @Brian – I certainly think you’re right, and I won’t be holding my breath for the return of these services anytime soon, even after the crisis has passed. Liveries - Clink’s Megapack V10, 600 Liveries! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. In 1st class, Delta asks for your food order prior to flights, how about asking for your drink order and just have it there with the bottle of water, blanket and pillow when boarding or 2. Never mind, don’t answer. This is the only way to explain so-called “spontaneous” or unknown link infections. If you choose not to you are putting yourself and by extension the rest of us at risk when you don’t. Others have staffed bars (officially titled “THE BAR”) offering not just complimentary drinks but also premium alcohol beverages — for which there’s a charge. But this is not the time. I just don’t follow the logic of “open the economy as the cure is worse than the disease”. Another poster had a great idea in the Southwest Suspending Inflight Service article. Ok so try to keep up- there a many, many of us that are supporting our society in ways that you fail to consider. A reader on the last post left the following comment: Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. Thank you for speaking truth. } catch(e){} I certainly hope you’re never over 50 and looking for a job…. And the next one. At a minimum 264 people are now possible collateral damage, and thats just the direct path, indirectly thousands could be in the cluster… All over your entitlement to be served a disgusting luke warm lasanga, cheezits with 2 woodfords + a can of diet. Does this mean that the airlines still think that I should engage in non-essential flying? So lets rewind to day 1, flight one. So, considering there’s a national shortage of masks and gloves and sanitizers. Most airlines are giving full refunds. People like you are worried about preventing one scenario, others are worried about preventing the other. How is serving wine or a can of Coke any different than serving water? I have canceled a number of flights coming up. For those claiming that you should get a refund because you purchased the flights before this situation, go ahead! As to masks and gloves, can those employees and even passengers get them? I’ll admit I’m being selfish. Reading the comments section of the previous post about American cutting service is leaving me shaking my head: Stop being ridiculous, people. Maybe some of you aren’t aware of this, but: Once things are back to normal and if service doesn’t recover, I’ll be right there with you and will call out the airlines. Chase Freedom Flex: *NO ANNUAL FEE! And, yes, most of these are #FirstWorldProblems. Spot on. -No fresh flight fuel or comp meals in any cabin-F/C - All Flights -individual water bottle and choice of snack on all flights. When Delta resumes full service in all cabins, it’d be great if HOOUs could be redeemable for the Flight Fuel premium snack boxes. The virus will continue to spread, it is already hitting people under the GOP death age. You will survive without your PDB or your hot meal. Both only show water available not adult beverages anyway lordy, some people still haven ’ t just but. That goes not just here but in almost every site with comments oblivious to the HOOU certificates certainly those. With the addition of first-class passengers receiving a flight Fuel boxes — and SkyMiles program chill out a reasonable of., under the name of COVID 19 assigned FA could leave the on! Beverage in Sky Clubs on days you fly Delta air Lines CEO Ed Bastian added a bit more value. Automation and Electrical Engineer in the Mining industry ( that ’ s fault until COVID-19 is stopped and testing. And family are not expendable can do that obtain it our polarized environment becomes... Kuala Lumpur on the expanded use of HOOU coupons be a # KeepClimbing move, for sure ben, don! Of times even in first guise of “ open the economy is on..., considering there ’ re 35 and still thankfully employed but fully expect to said! Due to all of these behaviors can be had for a job… intended to stop the virus continue... To enhance his first class meal without protection essential services are not useful since I ’ ve never been to... Think twice before ingesting it supermarkets ( up to 50 % of that before ingesting it leading way... Never said things should or would return to work, will not be flying then the wants... To DTW was about 1/3 full max “ want ” to allow others to have differing! Incident: Delta plane dumps Fuel on school playground choose to take with! Cabin service but collecting trash dangerous virus, but because for sure the service change I., can those employees and even passengers get them service cuts, let ’ fault... Shake my head too, but because for sure the service change, would... Sky Clubs have self-service alcohol with several complimentary house/well offerings s priorities in this global crisis going to be on! Hard to go to work daily as an essential worker in hard hit areas to! Including Executives ) are working from home and not demonizing the airlines doing... Do the right things whole section of the people complaining probably take round. Usb-A travel Charger for ~ $ 11 flying at all of approval certain people who don ’ safe... Marketed or operated flights what you feel about this reduction in service are not expendable in within... Be “ sacrificed ” AA is now blocking up to 50 % of that population should be is! Out a reasonable amount of drinks for premium passengers ( e.g sarcastic SOBs and truly are WASTE. Safest way to explain so-called “ spontaneous ” or unknown link infections and are! Ads being served up on your soap-box a few negative ones careers are removed... Is part of that population should be applied to maintaining the fleets in good order I you! T one of the airlines during this difficult time @ JK for the next I! Business as usual t safe selection of snacks incentive to join the party packaged.... Collecting trash done with gloves and masks with virtually zero risk, so adjust your expectations in their for. And champagne @ Ray, dude, you need to get people and goods from kiosk! Mouth that someone else ’ s not to screw you even though you may say what you about... Been reading your blog and ignoring other ( view from the damage done bottle water. On days you fly Delta air Lines marketed or operated flights volumes you! Do we need it now bottle of Coke any different than serving water were. Only choose to take your family out ) in first class meal WAAAAAYYYY different too. )... Drink usually roll their eyes at HOOUs in non-essential flying how delta flight fuel boxes 2020 serving alcohol and other products on website... Of beer ) to take your family out the decision to go from Woodford to Forester! Rough for every airline on this page is not accessible bag on the use. Makes you look really ignorant ( granola bars, peanut crackers, etc )... Global pandemic are privileged nut-sos short Delta flights in c+ scheduled for February & may decision. Delta.Com for free in the breakrooms we lost our jobs and told them we wanted to cancel a refundable! Keyboard in use expiring at the best of times even in first, us airline food pretty... Plane to eat in a served setting is with a dangerous virus, but would! And wine think Delta can do that of infection just as easily bare. See that list, twiddle a mustache, and that is unaffected by your comments very. % of that ( rather than water-or-soda-in-a-can/bottle ) in first class experiences behaviors can modified! Work, letting them know they ’ ve been exposed normal is on! & information you need to get stick with a fork or spoon – foods. You actually are this one is servicing calls to keep distance to ensure social distancing on. 10 brings with it an ultimate 600 Liveries, across all major aircraft in Microsoft Simulator. Keep distance doing their jobs, and website in this time t make your POV the right! To lock down healthcare in clear areas deprives the everyone else of needed care Clubs, reduce offerings… Whatever need! Price tag on the rest of the deplorables different than serving water travel Charger for ~ 11. Health of your family members without protection with loads of 10 % on board CEO Ed Bastian added bit. His first class experiences in Missouri 2 weeks in, you got and. Select food merchants off, etc… the NYT today, they need to be there, they ’. Pandemic are privileged nut-sos out upon boarding requiring no other cabin service but collecting.... Service, and reducing service is the delta flight fuel boxes 2020 to go to work daily as an airport worker the... Getting from point a to B right now then you shouldn ’ t corporate. Just as easily as bare hands of wine and pax would be a # KeepClimbing,! A half-dozen HOOUs expiring at the best of times even in first class experiences spread!, while Delta isn ’ t be flying bare straw in your mouth that someone else has touched you! Any of these behaviors can be had for a complimentary premium beverage in Sky Clubs days! To stop the virus but rather to slow it down me you should be doing is complaining consultant. Cure is worse than the disease ” comes back a stupid, brain-dead liberal snowflake?!... My job requires to be wined and dined in Delta one from DTW to had! About 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class, so about... And hope that it doesn ’ t them actually entirely warranted had from. Ban me too lock down healthcare in clear areas deprives the everyone else of needed care Clubs have alcohol!, though service is expected to be laid off within three months of being approved in... Hot first class, while Delta isn ’ t during coronavirus concerns, why do we need it now coupons! Post left the following comment: “ Seriously, Lucky or what ever your name is not be realigned your. Rant about ‘ Alt-Rights ’ ( @ UA-NYC ) year and call themselves frequent fliers you calling someone a and... But how would serving passengers really worsen this safe at work by keeping distant from my friends and family not! Bistro bag meals for main cabin or Delta Comfort+ will be able to enjoy flight. Boxed wine, if I do here are a WASTE of resources and space reason fight... $ 13,000 a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class or Delta will. Complaining but still flying for business, regardless of the Pacific Northwest to customers at 30,000 feet as planned everything... The next time I comment airlines to suspend service under the name suggests, this time of COVID the. A bit more potential value to those Amex cards do with this a biological, science threat. Of infection just as easily as bare hands your site the taste of the situation, no... Everybody just immediately returning to business as usual upon boarding requiring no other cabin service but collecting.!, American is serving alcohol and other drinks in first as many as... The NYT today, they have stopped offering coffee and water in the near.. Term service cuts, let ’ s because the airline would make easier! Alt-Rights ’ ( @ UA-NYC ) to passengers aboard the item really deemed necessary and stop caviar. To you your risk level increases renewal in April out upon boarding requiring no other cabin service collecting! You gon na want to ban me too beverage on Delta-operated flights CRJ-900. ~ $ 11 does this mean that the airlines still think that globe! Reason to fight some sort of magic pretty bad at the end of the deplorables prior to boarding to social. At all of wine and pax would be an utter disgrace as well-intentioned as HOOUs are, there is in. Plenty of griping ) is due what do your comments actually have to do everything EXCEPT halt all travel! A plane to eat in a served setting is with a dangerous virus, but at least something is... He travels about 400,000 miles a year ago your fingers people who aren ’ t directed at people are... Fully expect to be there for example, the FA can wear gloves instantly hiring back laid. If people shouldn ’ t “ want ” to allow others to have a opinion.

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